Benny Sings - Best Of

Benny Sings - Best Of



The Best-Of Benny Sings
Including Get There, Little Donna and Can You Believe It's Magic
Released October 09th 2012
CD digipack


01. Twist You Around
02. Style Beats Liberation Fronts 
03. Champagne People
04. Little Donna
05. Get There
06. Make a Rainbow
07. Coconut
08. Let Me In
09. I Cant Help Myself
10. Big Brow Eyes (Original Version)
11. All We Do For Love
12. Can You Believe It's Magic
13. Some Day (Benny's Version)
14. Little Things
Bonus Tracks : First recordings for the upcoming 5th album :
15. Rebuilding The Omega Man
16. Fake Love

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