Crunc Tesla - What's Really Rad?

Crunc Tesla - What's Really Rad?



Digital only.
Release May 2008

01. Top Shape
02. Airwalk Riddim
03. Welcome To The Circus
04. Say What You Wanna (feat. TES)
05. Who's The Leader Of The Club? (feat. Project Lumens/Meczilla)
06. I Got That Krack
07. Sasoon Prom Night
08. 3rd World 3D
09. Axl Rose Kansumi (jim crow Club version)
10. Loving Love (Feat. Tes and Seraphim)
11. Promise Recommended This
12. Fruit Inside
13. Lately (Feat. M. Sayyid of Airborn Audio)
14. Just A Dream (Feat. Maggie Horn)
15. Door Ajar
16. Voodoo Sound (Feat. Vigalante & Daddy Foxxxy)
17. We Here
18. Chookiundertoe Disco Rainbow (Feat. Gebo)
19. We All Have A Solarplexus

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