Marie Madeleine - No Apologies

Marie Madeleine - No Apologies



Digital only.
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Production: Marie Madeleine / 8633 Link / C.B.P.
Photo : Léa Jiqqir / Lucie Linder
Release date: March 2013

Supported by Gilb'R (Versatile), Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco), Colette, Max Pask (Populette / Throne of Blood), Acid Washed (Record Makers), Brennan Green (Chinatown), Ygal (Versatile), Leftside Wobble, SwitchSt(d)ance...
Heard in La Dame Noir, Chez Moune, Boiler Room, Wanderlust and more places.

1. Sex And Tears
2. Love Suicide
3. No Apologies

4. Sex and Tears (Club Bizarre Remix)
5. Love Suicide (Acid Arab Remix)
6. No Apologies (Armagnac Remix)